tribal party necklace


tribal party necklace


Light and striking necklace that can be turned twice around your neck. You can check the different colors available for this model.

This is definitely a necklace to go partying, the fabric that hold the jersey strands has a shiny metallized layer that reflect the light. 

What I like of this design is that you can wear it all year round.

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Full Description

• Length - 37 cms = 14,6" app.
• Colors - cobalt, black and grey with sparkling fabric.
• Material - jersey and spandex fabric.

Care instructions:

• Handwash your bnn necklace using cold / lukewarm water and mild detergent.
• To remove stains, gently knead the wet necklace.
• The excess water should be blotted with a towel and hung up to drip dry.
• Do not expose to heat, prolonged light, excessive heat or sharp objects.